segunda-feira, outubro 19, 2009


A todos que gostavam que eu cá tivesse vindo escrevinhar mais vezes nos últimos meses o meu obrigado e as minhas desculpas por não o ter feito.

Não senti que fosse necessário e mesmo hoje apenas aqui vim para dizer: "Presente!"

E mais umas coisitas, desta feita em inglês, porque me apetece:

I would like to think that the world is that idilic special place created by a superior identity who brought life on all of us by breathing over clay. A place were we can be happy if we always do the right thing. But what really happens is that that's a big load of crap and happiness is not easily obtained and it's not a purpose or a goal. Happiness is a felling we get every once and a while contrasting with all the god damned, crazy ass, mother fucking moments we get most times of our lives. This is reality, either you're bad or good you're gonna get screwed over and over again but only if you let the system, if you let all the vultures, all the fucking hienas, drain the life outta you by taking all the product of your work and give you 5% of what you do (and this is if you're lucky). The real world we find ourselves in once we leave that dream factory we all call college is hard, it's filled up with incompetent people who just know how to suck up better than you. If you lack pride, if you are ready to sell your soul, if you feel no one will judge you for what you do professionaly this is the world for you. You are never ready for the impact this kind of every day handling processes can cause to your ethics, to you're pride, to your self respect. You must never lose your temper, your sanity, however it's not easy to take, this if you, like me, are one of the last people of this earth with principles. Even so I face this as a stage of my life which will soon be over due to my unexpected perseverence in reaching happy moments, those happiness peaks life still keeps for all all of us. If you don't like what you do just fucking change your life. I will fucking surely will. This is what I wanted to share with you after these silent months, for some a big load of shit for others it might still save their sanity, at least unlike me they had someone warning them about the perversion the world can be. Cheers mates!!

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